Isaac Julien

Playtime — Works from the Wemhöner Collection
March 8–July 10, 2023

About the project

In his exhibition from March 8–July 10, 2023 at the PalaisPopulaire, Berlin, the influential British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien presented his 2014 film “Playtime” on the world of art and finance and addresses a fundamental question: how can capital be visualized? Curated by Philipp Bollmann, Wemhöner Collection.

The inspiration for the lettering and typographic artwork of the exhibition and book title was a few letterforms on a poster by Pierre Gauchat.

Hardcover, 24 × 32 cm, 134 pages, German/English, ISBN 978­-3­-7356­0–913­–7
Edited by Deutsche Bank AG, PalaisPopulaire, Berlin, Philipp Bollmann, Sammlung Wemhöner ↗
Published by Kerber Verlag ↗