Achim Riethmann

ASR 09/16
Monographical Art Book
Distanz Verlag


  • IF design award
  • ED Awards
IF Design Award
ED Awards

About the project

The book »ASR 09/16«, published by DISTANZ Verlag, is a compilation of watercolors and installations by Berlin artist Achim Riethmann from the past years. Consistent with the principle of omission and reduction characteristic of his oeuvre, Riethmann's works appear both framed by and levitating above the book's clean white pages. The book itself as an object disappears behind the artwork it presents. It also concentrates all additional information – work titles and accompanying essays, all set in classic, unobtrusive Futura – on its last pages.

The reproductions of the artist’s series of fine works on paper are interspersed with black-and-white photos of his three-dimensional objects, with the somewhat more experimental, »workshop« character of the latter being mirrored by the use of uncoated paper in the book. The result is a printed retrospective that, thanks to its clean, laboratory-like setting, allows readers to directly enter artist Achim Riethmann's visual world.

Hardcover, 24 × 32 cm, 176 pages
Editor Russi Klenner. Images partially b/w, German/English.
ISBN 978-3-95476-143-2
Published by Distanz Verlag in 2017