Teller Magazine

A magazine of stories.
Edited by Katherine Hunt and Ruby Russel.


  • German Design Award
  • D&AD
  • Berliner Type
German Design Award
Berliner Type

About the project

Teller magazine is a yearly published magazine of stories. Stories told in pictures, in words, in both; short sharp stories, ›so I once heard this story‹ stories, stories of pure invention, and stories that might just be true. Teller’s editors believe in the value of a publication picked up for pure enjoyment, and that innovative ideas don’t need to be obscure.

Focusing first and foremost on the universal appeal of a good story well told, the design consists of distinct imagery, illustrations, and typography. The creative process is rooted in an ongoing dialogue between the studio’s design lead and editors-in-chief Katherine Hunt and Ruby Russell. The magazine is based in Berlin and London.