Staatstheater Mainz

Season Program 2017/2018


  • Gute Gestaltung
  • IF design award
  • Red Dot
Gute Gestaltung
IF Design Award
Red Dot

About the Project

The season program 2017/18 of Staatstheater Mainz (Mainz State Theatre) opens with an impressive collection of photographs of its members, purposefully presented in no hierarchical order to showcase the wide array of talent both on stage and off required to make it work. The program’s strikingly compact format allows for every single face to fill an entire page and momentarily, equanimously, »take center stage«.

Constituting one half of the booklet — and creating its distinct half-black, half-white edge — this portrait gallery deliberately precedes the information section with details on the upcoming opera, drama, dance, and concert premieres and repertoire pieces presented in a clearly structured overview characterized by large lettering, clear graphics, and the theatre’s highly recognizable star logo. The result is a seasonal program that aims to inform and inspire, offering an immediate and deeply personal introduction to the ideas and workings of Staatstheater Mainz.

Softcover, 11,5 × 16,5 cm, 418 pages, 118 color images, and app, German