Bergen Assembly

Side Magazine, Issue 05
The Tourist


  • Society of Typographic Arts (Chicago)
  • ED Awards
ED Awards

About the project

Side Magazine accompanies the fourth Bergen Assembly ↗, the contemporary art triennial in Bergen, Norway, in 2022, as a site of research convened by artist Saâdane Afif. Afif has invited Berlin-based Yasmine d’O. as curator of the edition and executive editor of Side Magazine.

Side Magazine gathers the seven characters in The Heptahedron, a play written by the French poet, essayist, and scholar Thomas Clerc in 2016. These characters are the Professor, the Moped Rider, the Bonimenteur, the Fortune Teller, an Acrobat, the Coalman, and the Tourist.

The fifth issue comes with contributions by Abdelmajid Arrif, Saint Augustine, Daniel Buren, Maggie Popkin, Xavier de Maistre, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Moses März, and Ida Lødemel Tvedt.
Humble lightweight paper, b/w-illustrations, and straightforward typography create a fanzine with a strong personality and support simplifying a complicated project.

Saddle-stitched softcover 21 × 28 cm, 84 pages, English, ISBN 978-3-948200-11-4, edited by Yasmine d’O., concept by Saâdane Afif ↗, published by Wirklichkeit Books ↗