Ludloff Ludloff

Branding Relaunch and Development of a New, Simple, and Comprehensible Website.

Neue Gestaltung (Ludloff Ludloff)

About the project

The projects in the realms of research, education, administration, and housing of the German/Austrian architectural practice of Ludloff Ludloff are characterized by integrative planning and conscious use of form and color. Their corporate design’s core elements are navigation and simplicity, clear shapes, warm colors, and a design that confines to the essentials.

The website of Ludloff Ludloff architects provides direct visual access to their realized projects and competition entries. Full-screen photos and presentation drawings place the practice’s specific visual language firmly in the foreground. In a departure from purely functional navigation, intuitive user interface elements form a part of the responsive web design, with a magazine-style table of contents and intelligent filters allowing users to sort content.