App design

c/o pop Festival

c/o pop — Cologne Music Festival has been bringing national and international acts from the genres of pop, indie, electro and similar genres to Cologne’s indoor and outdoor stages since 2004 — including established artists and newcomers alike.

For the 2019 edition of the festival, we were commissioned to redesign the visual identity from its core, keeping only a slightly adjusted version of the logo. Iconic elements taken from Colognes architectural appearance served as a base for the design, emphasizing the Festivals deep-rootedness to the city. The shapes were slightly inclined, giving them a less static, more rhythmic and rather »jecke« appearance. Combined with a strong color code and a self-confident grotesque typeface, the brand elements create a unique and very personal visual profile that has a strong presence in the city.

The visual identity includes social media and online communication, posters, brochures, app design, branding material and various festival gadgets.